Wage Garnishment

A wage garnishment is a judgment placed by the IRS which requires an employer to withhold money from an employee’s wages for the payment of a tax debt. It is an especially aggressive collection action and is obviously quite an effective tactic since 70% of the paycheck is often withheld. The employer has absolutely no choice in the matter and must comply as instructed. Once the garnishment is in place, the IRS definitely has gotten the taxpayer’s attention, which was the idea to begin with. The IRS seems to take particular offense at being ignored. They are the largest collection agency in the world and are backed by the full power of the federal government. They will get your attention.

Any time a tax filer has an outstanding balance from a previous return or has delayed, or ignored, filing a current return, he is in danger of a wage garnishment. And, once again, it makes no difference how friendly you are with your boss, if he receives instructions from the IRS to garnish your paycheck, he must comply. As soon as you realize that you are going to be unable to satisfy your tax obligation in full, it’s important to give us a call. The sooner the better. One of the tax resolution specialists at Cornerstone Tax Resolution will immediately contact the IRS and open a dialogue to explore your settlement options. CTR will take proactive action to protect you, your family and your paycheck.

It’s important to contact us right away as soon as you receive a threat of wage garnishment. Again, it is easier to prevent a garnishment than to lift one. And, yes, we will get it lifted if it’s already been placed. But why deal with that level of stress when it can be easily avoided.
But it’s too late? It’s there, and your bills are due. And you need to buy frivolous things – like food. Cornerstone Tax Resolution has successfully represented thousands of victims over the years and gotten thousands of garnishments released. But we don’t stop there. It’s critical that the issues that led to the garnishment are put to rest so they don’t show up later. Resolution, in other words. That’s what we do and, sometimes, the IRS has to be prodded to respect your rights. They can be heavy-handed at times. There are alternative solutions that don’t involve asset seizure and you do have rights. For example, we need to review your pertinent financial information with you. If you don’t have your tax records, we’ll get them for you. After this review, we will determine your eligibility for a negotiated settlement.

​But first we’ll get your paycheck released.

Obviously, a garnishment on a paycheck, is serious business. And, again, if the IRS wants your undivided attention, they are capable of getting it. Here’s a sobering thought: You do not even have to receive a notice of intent for a garnishment to happen, the IRS only needs to mail the notice to your last known address. So, a garnishment can hit you before you even see it coming. Using our experience with the IRS and our knowledge of the tax laws, Cornerstone Tax Resolution can delay, forestall or prevent the wage garnishment proceedings. We protect your paycheck. We protect your family. We protect your rights.

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