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A tax lien is a legal claim that is filed by the IRS and is designed to attach assets held by a delinquent taxpayer. This attachment can be on anything of value which you own, from jewelry to real estate. It is also a public announcement of your tax debt which is, of course, a source of consternation and embarrassment. The announcement also moves the IRS to the head of the line over any of your other creditors. The lien will also appear on your credit report and, as you might suspect, this attachment by the federal government can ruin your financial future. This is where it gets interesting. This is also the point where the value of the seasoned, innovative professionals at Cornerstone Tax Resolution is clear. To be specific, the tax lien remains a public record until the delinquent debt is paid. The IRS uses this tactic to intimidate or embarrass the taxpayer into accepting, at best, a settlement weighted heavily toward the best interests of the IRS; or, at worst, an impossible agreement upon which the taxpayer is sure to ultimately default, making matters even worse than they were before.

By allowing Cornerstone Tax Resolution to take control, you ensure yourself of the best settlement possible; a settlement that is in your best interest and that of your family; a settlement that is fair and will allow you the freedom to move forward.
It’s vital to have an advocate on your side, someone to protectyourinterests. Attempting to negotiate a settlement without professional assistance will probably lead to additional penalties and fines. More importantly, it can lead to missed opportunities. Do you think the folks at the IRS are really interested in patiently explaining your options and steering you towards the best and lowest cost resolution scenarios? The tax professionals at Cornerstone Tax Resolution know your rights and are zealous in protecting those rights diligently, properly and quickly. We are clear as to what settlement options are available to you and stand ready to represent you in all the necessary negotiations to bring your IRS tax crisis to an end.

CTR pros are experienced in all facets of legal representation, prevention or withdrawal of tax liens, release of bank levies, settlement or repayment negotiation, completion of incorrect or unfiled returns and tax debt elimination where possible. In other words, our job is to restore your financial health and economic freedom and allow you to look forward again, without stress and worry. It’s time to put the IRS behind you.

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