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What's the Process Like with CTR?

The Help You Deserve

We carefully evaluate the specifics of your tax trouble. At this point, we’re looking for several things: How far into the collection process has the IRS taken you? What is our timetable for successful resolution? Can we resolve the case efficiently and completely? Are your expectations realistic? Realistic expectations create happy clients. At CTR, we do everything in black and white, we discuss everything. Is there really a perfect solution to what you’re trying to do?

CTR wants to make sure our clients are as committed as we are. We believe in our clients, we have faith in them. When dealing with the IRS, speed is critical. Typically, we’re waiting for the IRS to respond to us, not the other way around.

If we agree to accept your case, will you be prompt in returning our call if we have a question for you?

Are You Truly Ready for a Fresh Start?

Personalizing Your Solution

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, it’s time for the Program Review. This is normally done right away, the same day. The specifics of your case are presented in a formal manner to staff on the supervisory level at CTR.

We put together a Personalized Protection Plan and decide who will be heading up your tax team. At this point the decision is made either to accept your case or decline your case and provide other options for you – or information to you.

At this point, note three things:

1. This evaluation of your tax problem has been concluded in one day.
2. We’ve learned the beginning, understand the middle, and see the end of your case.
3. We have not asked you to pay us anything.

Let's Talk About Fees

No Unexpected Surprises

After your review, when we’ve agreed to take your case, we’ll explain our fee and break it down for you. We always charge a flat fee, no retainers, billable hours, hidden charges, etc. You will know to the nickel, going in, exactly what you’ll pay us for our services. Period. We will gladly work out payment terms for you. We pride ourselves as being the most flexible, affordable and fair resolution firm in our industry with respect to fees. We’ll prove it too.

You Are Our Most Important Client

You've Got a Friend at CTR!

That’s exactly how you’ll feel. Now that the Program Review is concluded and we’ve begun working toward your resolution, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. We protect your rights, and you do have rights. If you need to call us, you will never be faced with a computer menu or switchboard at CTR.

Not only do you have a direct extension to your team members, you have their mobile number as well, and you will be invited to use it. Someone on your team that is familiar with your case is always on call. We are unique in our industry in providing this level of accessibility and communication to our clients. Beginning with your initial consultation with one of our tax professionals and the formality of the Program Review; then continuing through your receipt of our Truth In Services Pledge and the implementation of your time-sensitive and specific settlement with the IRS; and, finally, to the satisfaction we all feel when your debt is resolved and your IRS file is closed once and for all; the tax professionals at Cornerstone Tax Resolution stand beside you every step of the way. Give us a call. Let us prove it.

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