IRS Collection Letters

It’s a terrible feeling. You’ve gotten a CP letter from the IRS. Now what? It’s difficult, but you must address your delinquent tax liability now. Immediately. Burying your head in the sand and hoping the notices will stop and the IRS will continue to forget about you is the absolute worst strategy you can follow at this time.

​What is the purpose of the IRS CP notice letter?
• CP 11: Changes to tax return and notice of balance due
• CP 14: Changes to tax return and notice of balance due
• CP 23: Changes made to estimated total tax
• CP 501: Reminder of balance due
• CP 503: Second notice
• CP 504: Final notice of balance due
• CP 521: Installment agreement reminder notice
• CP 523: Notice of intent to levy. You defaulted on your installment agreement
• CP 90: Final notice of intent to levy and notice of your right to a hearing
• CP 91: Final notice before levy of social security benefits
These IRS notices and several others – address different issues and vary in their application and severity. They alert you to the increasingly likely prospect of mounting penalties and fines, wage garnishment, liens and levies, seizure of assets, even criminal action. The value of professional representation at this point is invaluable. The seasoned tax teams at Cornerstone Tax Resolution have extensive experience in dealing with the IRS and take over and address these issues on your behalf. We represent you in all negotiations. We understand the intricacies of IRS tax law and how to reach an agreement that must be equitable and something with an eye toward protecting and respecting your specific rights. That’s our focus. That’s the result we consistently achieve for our clients.

The professional tax teams at CTR will consult with you regarding the IRS notice you’ve received at no cost. We’re glad to do it. Even where the IRS collection actions might be similar, the situation faced by the individual taxpayer is unique. The professionals at CTR are able to advise you as to the best course of action while communicating these reasons to you clearly and in a timely manner. You’ll not only know your options, you’ll understand them. We know your rights and stand ready to protect them. It’s time for Cornerstone Tax Resolution to bring your tax problems to an end.

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