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With each year that passes the laws relating to IRS tax collection are getting stricter and more complex. Consequently, more and more taxpayers are finding themselves faced with serious tax problems that have resulted from unresolved back taxes. Every year the IRS collects billions of dollars from individual taxpayers as well as from corporations and other business entities. Even so, back tax debt is in the billions of dollars, and rising. Never forget, the IRS is a collection agency, the largest collection agency in the world, with the full power of the federal government behind it. In such a situation, the experience and expertise of the professionals at Cornerstone Tax Resolution is invaluable. Remember, you do have rights. Our job at CTR is to protect those rights.

Back tax debt causes stress on relationships and strain on finances. It’s hard to be proactive and plan for a financial future when you’re waiting for the IRS hammer to fall. It’s no exaggeration to say that this situation threatens families and closes businesses. Sooner or later, delinquent taxpayers will find themselves confronted by asset seizures, bank account levies, or paycheck garnishment. People are living their lives in fear of detection, afraid to go to the mailbox or answer the phone. In fact, fear is probably the number one reason people avoid the IRS. But, ignoring notices and phone calls is never a solution and only makes the situation far more serious. It’s much easier to stop an IRS collection action before it starts, rather than stop the inertia of a collection action once it has begun. Call us.
The good news is that you don’t have to face the IRS alone. We have been here before and know our way around. We know your options and limits with the professional IRS collectors. We bring our clients into compliance. We give our clients their lives back. We’ll handle filing the back taxes for you. We’ll handle the notices of back taxes due and respond quickly and decisively to deter, prevent or release levies, liens and garnishments. We’ll overcome the IRS Substitute for Returns if they’ve been received and, finally, we’ll handle the negotiations with the IRS that are necessary to obtain an equitable settlement once and for all. Again, we’ve been here before and can proceed with confidence and speed to get your IRS troubles behind you.

It’s time. You know it’s time. Contact your team at Cornerstone Tax Resolution without delay to avoid further penalties and fines, interest that compounds daily, seizure of property or paycheck, even the prospect of criminal sanction. Remember, resolving your back tax issue is that all-important first step toward a fresh start and a new life.

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